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Starfish Shell and Sand Dollar Photos for Small Bathroom DIY Renovation Inspiration on EventfulLife Blog

Bathroom Decor Ideas

Small bath room DIY renovation inspiration using original shell prints. It’s very rare that I get to meet the people who buy my photos and even more rare to see how they display my images. But I’m always grateful when I do. Recently I was contacted by a customer who purchased a couple of my starfish shell and sand dollar photos from my Etsy shop mikesmithphoto . Jess had just remodeled her bathroom and had used my shell photos as part of her new decor.  The photo to the left is her wonderful newly renovated  bathroom and can be seen on her event planning blog at EventfulLife.

Jess was kind enough to also feature my Etsy shop on her blog in another post which can be viewed here at EventfulLife.

I’m always thankful when someone chooses to buy one of my photos and I wish I could tell them in person. So it’s nice and thoughtful when somebody takes the time to contact me and share their thoughts on my work or even a photo showing how they use it to help make their home a place they love living in.

If you are in need of an event wedding party planner in the Boston area contact Jess at Eventful Life.